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Newest Link
Tour of State Capitols
by: Mr. Lawrence Markey

accessed Nov-11-2010

Mr. Markey has visited 40 of our 50 state capitols, and he has invented a very different way to present his photos on the Internet. You might want to brush up on your capital knowledge before you go there. What will we capitol enthusiasts think of next?

State Capitols and Domes
accessed Jun-03-2010

National Conference of State Legislatures website has this color-coded chart on the construction and adornment of our state capitol domes. Other crowning treatments are also noted, and no capitol is missing from the chart.

(The) Capitol Collection
accessed Aug-22-2007

This capitol fan has been to all 50 state capitols and has a great idea for sharing what he has learned - a book for capitol visitors to use, both for its useful information and its souvenir potential. Watch for the "7 Cs" link also - another fascinating idea.

Capitol Shots
accessed 3-14-12

He is on a quest to photograph all 50 of our state capitols himself, besides other buildings of interest. We've been following this photographer since 2005, and his collection has become extensive.

Cupolas of Capitalism, State Capitol Building Histories
accessed 2-7-05

This is a must-see site for information and valuable links. "This portion of Cupola site chronicles the rich and often colorful architectural history of the American State Capitol Buildings."

Donald L. Mark, State Capitol Buildings
accessed 3-14-05

A personal website with lots of categorized images, among other things. Be sure to check this page, and I suggest you read all the way to the bottom!

Edward Crim photographer, the State Capitols project
accessed Jul-07-2007

This is a photographer's website with a section on state capitols. Many of our capitols are represented with extensive albums featuring details I've seen nowhere else on the Internet.

Green Destiny Capitol Project
accessed 11-30-05

Green Destiny is a car, and "The goal is to get to all 50." This is on an image sharing site called Flickr. They are interesting places. Be sure to view the slide show - when you click on an image there, you are presented with comments and photographer information not available elsewhere.

jimpoz.com, Project 50, The Grand Tour of America
accessed 3-14-05

Yes, another quest involving capitols. "Project 50 is one man's quest to see the United States of America. . . Successful completion of the Project requires 100 photographs: 50 state capitols, 50 state welcome signs."

Lefty Donkey, State Capitols
accessed Jan-30-2009

A Flickr PhotoSet by a donkey? This is what it's all about, "Lefty has a dream, to visit every U.S. State Capitol and have his picture taken in front of it. Can you help?"

NOT Duck, A Capitol Idea!
accessed 2-7-05

Another being attempting to photograph all the state capitols, but not a person! "In order to understand the US better, while he travels, NOT Duck is trying to visit the state capitals and capitol buildings for each state."

Sheppard Software's U.S.A. Online Map Puzzle Games
accessed Jul-17-2008

Puzzle games of the USA map for different skill levels about capitals, state locations, geographical regions and water features.

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